My Next Van

I’d been tossing around the idea of repowering the diesel Delica with something more reliable and powerful. A few guys had used the Toyota V8 (1uzfe) with success as it bolts straight on to the Mitsi’s transmission.
The reason it can do that, is that both the Toyota and Mitsi (and some other brands I believe) have their transmissions supplied by Aisin Warner. The 4 speed auto in the Delica S1 van, is the AW4 and it’s exactly the same as Toyota’s A340.
The Lexus/Soarer 1uzfe V8 uses this transmission.
So all you have to do is swap the Mitsi’s Bell-housing and converter for the V8’s one and everything bolts up apparently.

Doing this conversion to the Delica van is no small job. Its a squeeze getting the V8 in there width wise and requires cutting part of the front panel out of the van to get enough room to slide the lump in there. Also, once you have done the conversion, the vehicle will need to be re-certified (engineering certificate) in order to be legal for road use.
Not to mention you also have to wire in the Toyota’s ECU etc into the Mitsi’s system.

As fate would have it, I was saved the pain of doing all of this when a van came up for sale with everything already done.. I bought it.
Its got the later model vvti version of the 1uz motor fitted. Its all certified and running so most of the hard/expensive work has been done.

The conversion, while being functional, is a bit scruffy in my eyes and I will be tidying things up as I go.

Some photos below:

So before I could even begin to tidy this creation up, a problem arose..
It stopped and will no longer start.
I suspect it has much to do with the somewhat hacked up standard ECU and immobiliser-defeat box that the previous owner had fitted. I’m no electronics expert, so I will get a local shop I know of to ditch all that garbage on top of the engine and fit a link ECU.
Expensive? Yes, but I want this thing to be reliable and I just don’t trust hacked and bypassed electronics.